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Jan 11th, our second leagues of our winter season kicked off with a full 10 teams on Saturday and 8 teams on Sunday. As seen here in this video  While our Saturday  time is  full, we do have a handful of spots left for those wanting to play on Sunday and we will be posting one time openings for those wanting to play occasionally  This also means we will be only offering Learn to Curl on Sunday.

Experienced curlers can play by clicking here  , while Beginners should take our introducory learn to curl class to better inform them of the challenges of curling which will transition them into League play.

As the Olympics roll around.  We have booked additional ice so we can offer our Learn to Curl to a greater number of people on Sat. Feb15 (5:40pm +), Thurs. Feb 20th (7:10pm-9:00pm),  Sat. Feb. 22 (5:40pm +), Sunday Feb. 23 (8:40am), Thurs. Feb 27th (7:10pm-9:00pm), and many  more to be added as needed.

We also are looking at adding a second Saturday session from 5:45pm-7:30 for our Spring 6 week league league for beginner curlers. A great way to ease yourself into a our league.

So far this season, 

  • Our annual free open house in early October was a little light this year compared to past years with only 35-40 individuals participating at either our Saturday or Sunday event.  We did collected a couple of grocery sacks worth of food for Harvester from those who participated.
  • Our Fall 6 week  League had 8 teams Saturday and 4 teams Sunday.  All League results can be seen here
  • Channel 9 also helped us nicely in September to help promote the event, as both Stephanie Ramos and Matt Flener try their hand at curling.  Check out the footage.
  • The Kansas City Parks and recreation has produced a nice promo for our club on their webpage Check out the footage for curling and all their nicely produce videos about this city.

We only anticipate getting busier with the Olympics so feel free to check out both our league offerings, play and learn session here so you can  register now.

Hope to see you on the ice.



We believe you will have a great time trying something new but don't take our word for it.  Listen to these people to find out why Curling is ....

Fun & Recreational




All Ages





Great Exercise

Watch all 6 videos

Thanks to Canadian Curling Association for producing these great set of videos.  Our members can relate and add to these  experiences about  this surprising energetic sport.  


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Test your Curling Knowledge --- What is (a) ...

Center Line

A line drawn from one hack to the other, passing through the tee at both ends of the ice.