lg  universal sportsThe United States Curling Assocation (USCA) hosts national championships each year.  The Mens and Womens even was February 9th -16th,2013 in Greenbay, WI. (website -


Anyone can watch recaped highlights at Universal Sports. Full matches if you subscribe to dish network.  (Sorry, Time Warner does not support Universal Sports). 

The winners (Clark and Brown) of these events will play in the World Curling Championship held in Victoria, British Columbia, CA Mar 30, 2013-Sun Apr 7, 2013 for the Men. (website -  ) and Riga, Latvia March 16th-24th for the Women.  (website -

The Winners will also be one of 4 seeds playing down for a spot on the US Olympic Team in November 10th-17th in Fargo, ND.  (Background Into -


USCA Press Release for Women (PDF)

USCA Press Release for Men (PDF)

You Tube interviews


Club News

Presidents-Report-GraphicOur Winter season starts the   end of September  and ends around the  first of April , in which we have  two opportunities nearly every week to curl.   Choose  either  or both.

  • Saturday Afternoon/Evening (typ. 4:15pm-6:00pm )
  • Sunday Morning (typ. 8:45am-10:30am)

In those times we will be offering...


  • Season Opening Open House Sept 29th & 30th.   Cost: $0
  • 20 Week Season starting Oct. 6th & 7th    Cost: $300  Free Broom to First Time Curlers.  Curlers are welcome to curl the other session at no extra cost on a space available basis.
  • Several short 6 week leagues  The first two starting  October 20th & 21st. the next in January, and then Mid February. Cost: $80 for First Timer Curlers,  $100  Curlers are welcome to curl the other session at no extra cost on a space available basis.
  • A play when you can Open Play and League Subbing  offer throughout the season, available on a space available basis  Cost: $20 each time you play.  Registration posted about a week in advance to allow league curlers first chance to sign up.
  • Periodic Learn to Curls whenever a sheet is available. Cost: $20 each time.
  • Small groups can Rent a curling sheet for a group of 6-10.  Cost $120.  Call 816-806-1732 for availability.

For our complete one sheet downloadable pdf to post in your office or review., click here.

We believe you will have a great time trying something new but don't take our word for it.  Listen to these people to find out why Curling is ....

Fun & Recreational




All Ages





Great Exercise

Watch all 6 videos

Thanks to Canadian Curling Association for producing these great set of videos.  Our members can relate and add to these  experiences about  this surprising energetic sport.  

Club News

try-curling-flyerAnother club within 5 hours of Kansas City looks to start.  Support this club.  check out their website at

Club News

We have updated our digital billboard add.  Let us know if you seen it especially if it was the reason you found there was actually curling in KC.
This will help us determine if this is cost benefical to do.  The sign is near Armour Road and I-35 just north of the Paseo Bridge.


Club News

Bode Ice Arena floorA new curling club is hosting their first learn to curl the Weekend of August 10th and 11th at the Bode Ice Arena in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Britt Johnson, a former Kalamazoo Curler  with the help of Missouri Western State University has acquire 2 set of curling stones with the hope to have another 2 sets within a year or two as they grow their club.

Check out the press and contact the Bode Ice Arena for future dates.

Article from St. Joseph Post
Video at St. Joe Channel

PDF of Learn to Curl Program

Club News

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Test your Curling Knowledge --- What is (a) ...


The part of the delivery after the curler leaves the hack and moves down the ice completing the throwing of the stone.