Our club would like to spark your creative side by creating a competition for a new T-shirt design for the Kansas City Curling Club's 2012 season.

Winner gets $100 toward a league or bonspiel entry fee! 

  • Design should be general in nature (no dates)  though may allude to our bonspiel or the club or curling in general.
  • Should include website address.  (
  • can be for the front or back, though a back design should include a small one color logo on the front.
  • Colors  limited to 3-4 plus T-shirt color.
  • Gradation in color or full color printing will require a different unknown printer    
Must be completed by July 1st, send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To be judged and voted on by current board members.

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certified-stamp15 curlers in our club took a level I certification program last summer during our bonspiel so they can help facilitate  our "Learn to Curl" program as a volunteer instructor.  Of those Sarah Wruck, Dan White and Kent Herstowski have completed their additional coarse work requirement and are now fully certified.

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Based on the Dallas/ Fort Worth Design.  Our club has 4 carts that can move all 80 of our curling stones at once.  That is roughly 900 pounds per part.  The great part is that it eliminates the need to remove the stone from the cart to put in the freezer and then back on a cart to move to the rink.  We only need to lift the rock on and off at the edge of the rink.  Think about that next time you lift 3000lbs of rock.


Curling Cart 3.06.12

Curling Cart 3.6.12


Curling Cart 3.06.12

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6841942852 8073370cba bSaturday, March 10th., 10 of our Kansas City curlers (as seen in photo minus Kent who took the photo) marched in the Snake Saturday Parade in the northland and handed out over 800 of our remaining business card to the thousands of parade watchers.  I was a big event and something we should consider as an annual event.

See a select 30 photos from the day here

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svg logoThe "sports video group" takes a look at how the sounds of curling and  the way it is acheived,  bring out the ever popular game of curling in canada.   View Article

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