With the Olympics,  It is easy to see the pinnicle of curling every 4 years but curling has many things you can try  as you improve your skills in our local league.


For those who want a concentrated experience working with top level instructors and talent, the United States Curling Association points out where you can go  here.

Bonspiels (curling competition between clubs)

This weekend investment in time is the easiest way to pit your skills up against other curlers from other clubs.  Our KC Barbecue Bonspiel  in  early August,  has attracted as many as 28 teams both local and far away as Seattle and New York,  Canada and Houston.

The United States Curling Association lists hundreds of speils each year here.  They range for light hearted fun spiel to very serious cash spiels for those who know they possess the skills.

Each spiel typically appeals to a specific audience.  They can be for .....

  • Open -  Anyone and Everyone
  • Male or Female -  Gender Specific Spiels
  • Mixed -  typically a specific arrangement of 2 men and 2 women alternating
  • Mixed Doubles - a modified curling match with just one man and one women.
  • Junior, Senior. 40 and Over, etc  - Age Specific Spiels
  • Stick, Wheelchair - Equipment Specific
  • Under 5, Green - Experience related
  • Cash, Calcutta, - Money Prizes.  Attracts competitive teams.

When playing in as spiel.  You can expect a 3 or 4 games minimum  that could lead to 4 to 6 possible games.  You will likely need to take part or all of Friday off  and many finish early enough on Sunday to get back before Monday.   In the midwest, many spiels include food and your favorite beverage all weekend as part of the price to curl. ( $40-$100+ per person for weekend entertainment).  Typically they expect you to bring a team of 4 but ours and others do accept individuals that we will put with others.

Overall, Bonspiels are a great way to meet other curlers,  spend a weekend with some friends and still be back to work and your life on Monday.

Try a Bonpiel and you will wonder why you didn't get involved with curling sooner.

Upcomming Bonspiels


The United States Curling Association is the host to many Regional Playdowns that lead to National Playdowns and then some to World Championships each year as seen here.  

This is serious curling.  Once you start playing well locally and show great promise at Bonspiels, you should consider this on your way to the Olympics.  The format is very similar to bonspiels in that there are gender and age related events,  wheelchair and mixed doubles events.

There are two championships, we as a club we should set our sights on each year . Both events have a Mens and a Womens event and both event at club specific - meaning all four members must be a member of the Kansas City Curling Club to compete.

  • Club Nationals - to make it to this event, we must win our region to be  able to attend this event.  This requires time. While the regional event is mostly weekend time, the National event is played during the week.
    • Regionally Jan. 16-19, Exmoor Curling Club in Highland Park, IL  must register in December.
    • 2014 USA Curling Club National Championships Feb. 15-22. Two Harbors Curling Club
  • Arena Curling Championships. - is more of a bonspiel format, held over the weekend.  These curlers as good but they typically play on "Hockey Ice" much like our club. so 
    • 2014 USA Curling Arena National Championships - June 12-15, 2014, Lansing Curling Club  Preregistation March 15th, Deadline May 15th.

USCA Championship Events Webpage




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The round scoring area, 12 feet in diameter, with concentric circles 1, 4, and 8 feet in diameter.