Our club has all the equipment necessary for a beginner to play (including sliders, brooms, stones, hacks, pebbler, etc.)

However, a fun spirit (especially when we toast a beverage afterwards), is always encouraged!

In addition, we recommend you wear:

  • A pair of rubber-soled shoes, clean of mud, rocks, etc (Dirty shoes leave debris on the ice, and this negatively affects the path of the stones.)  Also, the more traction or grip your shoes have, the better.
  • Layered and loose-fitting clothes that will keep you warm to 45 degrees.

Should you take to curling, like we hope, you can buy your very own equipment at these stores listed on this page

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Test your Curling Knowledge --- What is (a) ...


The part of the delivery after the curler leaves the hack and moves down the ice completing the throwing of the stone.