This is a common question posed to curlers.

The reality, however, is that all 4 curlers on a team deliver two rocks every end (like innings in baseball) and sweep throughout the game.

Most people who get to experience curling on TV rarely see a full 2.5 hour complete championship level game (with ten ends). Unless you live in Canada, in which case you see complete curling matches every weekend throughout the winter.

When curling is shown here in the US, games are usually highly edited and show only the later shots. This leaves out the Lead's, Second's and even sometime the Vice-Skips' shots, and just show the final "Money shots" by the "Skip".

This years' coverage of the Olympics in Vancouver, however, was pretty good, and we should expect more of the same in future years due to the growing popularity of this wonderful sport!

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Test your Curling Knowledge --- What is (a) ...


A rock whose handle is rotated inward toward the body. An in-turn for a right-handed curler rotates clockwise.