Group Rentals and Programs

Rent the ice for an hour or two. Create a league within your organization, school, etc.. We are willing to help provide the equipment and assistance in training.
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Watch us on the ice anytime we curl for free and then join us afterward for a tasty beverage and discuss life in general or all things curling.


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 Bonspiel Traveling

We help organize teams within the club to travel to Omaha, NB; St. Paul, MN; Denver, CO; Chicago, IL among others clubs to compete. A team road trip curling experience where you can enjoy your host hospitality.
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 Free Open House

This is our yearly free event. Your chance to slide a 42lbs stone down an ice rink 125', putting it in a 12' diameter target called a "house".
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 Learning the Sports Fundamentals

Take a one time lesson to learn the fundamentals needed to play a match. Continue for a second visit and you will learn in a game situation the complexity of this seemingly simple sport
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 League Play

Create your own team or join others in fun recreational league play. Play from week to week or prepay for our 5 or 6 week leagues.

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5940 NW Waukomis Drive,
Kansas City, Missouri 64151

Club Phone 816-806-1732
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Club Fax 816-523-2345
Mailing Address
18 West 59th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64113

Test your Curling Knowledge --- What is (a) ...


Although a draw is normally into the house, any rock where the speed will make it stop between hog line and back line.