2013 KC Barbecue Bonspiel Teams

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2013 KC Bonspiel Teams

Teams currently being sorted out and somewhat in flux.

 3 Toonies and 1 Loonie
Kansas City (MO)
Ian Wolfe
Lucie Vaillancourt
John Taylor
Ted Brown
5:00pm first draw
 3 Timer and the Scrubs
Madison (WI) / DFW (TX) / Kansas City (MO) 
Debbie McCormick (WI)
Sean Chastain (TX)
Matt Mayfield (MO)
Chris Hutchings (MO)
9:30pm first draw
  Arctic Growlers
Oklahoma (OK)
Jeremy Witzke
Kevin Hull
Kristy Witzke
Joe Harlin
7:15pm first draw
 •  Brisket is Better
Houston (TX) / Park City (UT) / Kansas City (MO)
David Franklin (TX)
Dave Stigant (TX)
Steven Butler (UT)
Nate Clevenger (MO)
9:30pm first draw
 Burnt Ends
  Kansas City (MO)
James Makkyla
Mike Church
Doug Hill
Darin Traff
9:30pm first draw
Caution: DFWCC Ahead
Dallas Fort Worth (TX)
Steven Walton
David Chang
Chris Alt
Bill Sadoo
 9:30pm first draw
 ◊  Curling Hogs
Rolla (MO) / St Louis (IL) / Springdale (AR)
Dave Arnold (MO)
Steven Young (IL)
Bruce Futterer (AR)
Joe Futterer (AR)
5:00pm first draw
 Dakota Cubs
Dakota (MN) / St. Paul (MN)
Ryan Claussen
Tom Berg
Craig Creeger, St. Paul
Matt Heile
7:15pm first draw
Kansas City (MO)
Dan White
Dave Huyett
Jeff Miles
Jeff Grobe
7:15pm first draw
 Hammer Hogs
Cedar Rapids (IA)
Murray Marple
Martha Marple
Max Marple
Mackenzie Marple
7:15pm first draw
  Hammer Time
Kansas City (MO)
Kristen Regehr
Julie Stengle
Derrick Mahoney
Mary Miller
7:15pm first draw
  I Swept With Your Wife
Wauwatosa (WI)
Neil Freund
Paul Fischer
Rebecca Nguyen
Tiff Reilly
5:00pm first draw
 Jackman 4
Kansas City (MO)
Bill Stafford
Kathleen Stafford
Laura Baker Jackman
Adam Jackmna
7:15pm first draw
Omaha (NE)
David Steinhauser
Randy Kruger
Doug Moore
Matt English
9:30pm first draw
Petersham (MA) /Kansas City (MO)
Matthew Roy (MA)
Stacy Potts (MA)
Jeff Keal (MO)
Joe Ketcherside (MO)
 7:15pm first draw
 Rectal Raincoats
Mayfield (OH) / Fort Wayne (IN) / Columbus (OH)
Julia DiBaggio (OH)
Tom Israel (IN)
Eric Johnson (OH)
Patrick Weitekamp (MO)
5:00pm first draw
 Shorting Kansas City
Kansas City (MO)
Brian Foree
Stacy Foree
Mike Erin
Rob Mikaloff
7:15pm first draw
  Sooner Curling Club
Oklahoma (OK)
Tyler Jones
Dylan Smith
Jason Troy
5:00pm first draw
 Sweep and Spicy
Utica (NY) /Kansas City (MO)
Jessica MacIntosh (NY)
Sarah Wruck (MO)
Heidi Matthews (MO)
Anne Barthel (MO)
5:00pm first draw
  Sweeping Penguins
Kansas City (MO)
Chris Nazar
Don Baker
Kyle Baker
Eddie Wiegers
7:15pm first draw
 ☐ Team Wing Roulette
Wauwatosa (WI) 
Matthew Majewski
Bill Christensen
Dawn Majewski
Fran Cook
5:00pm first draw
 The Shady Beave's
Shady Thicket / Wauwatosa 
Sharon Misnache
Harry Peratesstees
Oliver Azzfelt
Ophelia Johnson
Anita Kumm
5:00pm first draw
 The Sheeters Full
Wauwatosa (WI)
Casey Clark
Tracey Clark
Steve Greasby
Beau Moore 
 7:15pm first draw
 Trae's Amigos
 Oklahoma (OK)
Jonathan Havercroft
Rusty Fees
Mark Ngo
Ryan McGhee
9:30pm first draw