2012 Bonspiel Teams

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Bonspiel Teams

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Teams currently being sorted out and somewhat is flux.

A Stone's Throw Away
Broadmoor (CO)
Jean Otto
Paula Bloom
Georgette Trachta
Cathy Wison (KC)
Kansas City (MO)
Doug Owens
Rebecca Owens
Chris Baker
Eddie Wiegers
  Best of Breed
Geraldton / Kansas City
Jon Nelson
Jeff Keal
Patrick Weitekamp
Dave Barker , (ON, CAN)
Plainfield (NJ)
Dean Roth
John Pantina
Mark Hoppe
Seanna Miller
Kansas City / Iowa
Martha Marple , IA
Murray Marple, IA
Laura Jackman, KC
Adam Jackman, KC
Dakota Cubs
Dakota (MN)
Ryan Claussen
Tom Berg
Shawn Slane
Matt Heile
Dazed and Confused
Denver(CO), Aksarben(NB) St. Louis(IL)
Brett Davis ,(CO)
David Suhr ,(CO)
Nick Davis, (NB)
Keefe Davis, (IL)
Desert Dwellers
Coyote (AZ)
Tracey Drummond
Jeff Baird
Cassis Matras
Greg Gallagher
Equipe Familiprix
Pierre Marziali
Diane Giroux
Jacques Marziali
Anne-Marie Marziali
Kansas City (MO)
Derrick Mahoney
Mike Erin
Rob Mikaloff
Wayne Osborn
 Flying off the handle
Kansas City / Plainfield (NJ)
Doug Hill
Krupal Patel
Nicole Husch
Dave Arnold
Furious George's Curling Commandos
Frogtown (St.Paul, MN)
Aaron Walker
Dane Olson
Tracie Knapp
George Allendorph
  Gully Towners
Kansas City (MO)
Bill McBride
Matt Mayfield
Jeff Grobe
Matt Grobe
Kansas City (MO)
Heidi Matthews
Mary Miller
Kristen Regehr
Sarah Wruck
Iron Range Brisket
Toronto, ON
Michael J. Kieffer
Gregory Wright
Leslie Prince
Toni Stagliano
Men Without Shame
Madison (WI)
Dan Wiza
Mike McDermid
Paul Ryan
Adam Derringer
N'Oh Henry
Kansas City(MO)
Daryl Hunt
John Taylor
Tracey Taylor
Ted Brown
Kansas City / St. Paul
Ian Wolfe
Louis Vaillancourt
Ryan Learned
Paul Nemanick, St. Paul
Shaken not Stirred
Denver (CO)
Phil Moir
Matt Culbertson
Tom Whitman
Garth Farrend
Southwestern Penguins
Kansas City (MO)
Dan White
Dave Huyett
Tim Nesbitt
Chris Nazar
Spot On
Kansas City (MO)
Jeff Miles
Jennifer Klassen
Bill Klassen
Dusty Wolford
Duluth(MN) Madison(WI) Mankato(MN)
Joey Bonfoey, Duluth(MN)
Brian Kopp, Madison (WI)
Joel Dietz, Madison (WI)
Kenny White, Mankato(MN)
Centerville & Rice Lake (WI)
Sara Hein, Centerville, WI
Jason Saffert, Rice Lake, WI
Ash Nelson, Centerville, WI
Elyse Sorenson, Centerville, WI
  Texas Brew Crew
Dallas Fort Worth (TX)
Steve Walton
David Chang
Justin Donaldson
Jason Hotra
Third Coast Curlers
Chicago (IL)
Julie Denten
Stephanie Martin
Jenny Houk
Janine Andrasco
Trae's Amigo's
Oklahoma City (OK)
Jonathan Havercroft
Trae Schwabe
Rusty Fees
Ryan McGhee