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KCfreepressJay Senter, From KC Free Press visits the Kansas City Curling Club

“There’s a great strategy to the game, and when you watch curling at the Olympic level you really see it in play,” said Chris Nazar, a native of the Toronto area who came to Kansas City for a job transfer. “Oh, it’s definitely a sport. You break a sweat when you’re sweeping.”

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Homer takes Marge out for a romantic evening of ice skating and hand-holding, but upon entering the rink, they encounter a curling team practicing. Marge and Homer take to the ice and discover their love for the sport, and soon after, join the curling team and compete with them in the Olympic trials. Team Springfield claims the win and moves on to the 2010 Vancouver Games where Bob Costas (guest-voicing as himself) covers the action. Meanwhile, sleazy vendors introduce Lisa to the world of collecting Olympic pins, and before long, Lisa is hopelessly addicted.

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*Sweep This! If you’ve ever watched the Winter Olympics on TV and wondered how a bunch of people sliding rocks across the ice and sweeping with brooms became a sport, let alone an Olympic sport, you’re not alone.  While curling hasn’t exactly gone mainstream here in the United States, it’s a national obsession north of the border.   REAL SPORTS correspondent Bernard Goldberg travels to Canada to see what all the excitement’s about and visits Duluth, Minn., to take an inside look at the sport with a bartender, substitute teacher, construction worker and parole officer, aka the U.S. Olympic Curling team.  Interviews include: U.S. Curling team members – John Benton, Phil Drobnick (coach), Jeff Isaacson, Chris Plys, John Shuster and Jason Smith; Toronto Globe columnist Bob Weeks; Canadian curler Glenn Howard; Ice maker Mark Shurek; amateur curler Eleanor McKitrick.


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Winter Sports
The Winter Olympics are taking place this month in Vancouver, and while Kansas City is not logically associated with skiing and snowboarding, a few winter sports events do have a surprisingly lively presence in our area. Tune in as we talk to members of local curling and ski clubs about how Olympic fever builds interest and excitement for their respective sports, and what it’s like to be winter sports enthusiasts right here in river city.

- Bill McBride, KC Curling Club
- Tracey Taylor, KC Curling Club
- Steven Falk, Snow Maker, Snow Creek
- David White, Member of the Kansas City Ski Club and 2010 Flatlands Winner

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Times' Sean Gregory talks to the 2010 Men's Olympic Team about Curling.


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Check out "SBNation's" auther: Spencer Hall as he give his take on the Roaring game.




Club News seems to be on the pulse of curling and continues to offer up gems on the latest and greatest of curling

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RockStar Curling may have gone down in flames as a TV Reality Show, but you ever wanted to be an Olympic Curler, you have to give it a try to see if you have the right stuff..

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