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stlouiscurlinglogoIt may not be in Missouri but another club has started and now represent the second closest curling club in KC.  Behind  the Aksarben Curling Club in Omaha, NB.

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The Kansas City Curling Club’s Seventh Annual Barbecue Bonspiel went fully international this year.  For the first time the Bonspiel featured an all Canadian final in the First Event.  The Kansas City Curling Club held their annual Barbecue Bonspiel on August 27 to 29, 2010 at Pepsi Ice Midwest in Overland Park, Kansas.  Sixteen teams took to the ice on the newly renovated ice surface thanks to a new concrete floor.  Teams included representatives from Dallas-Fort Worth, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Ajax Ontario, Ste. Anne Manitoba, and Kansas State as well as local Kansas City Curling Club members.

In the First Event Final, the Norton/Alexander Rink (Gord Norton, Wilma Norton, Ron Alexander, and Rita Alexander) from the Annandale Curling Club in Ajax, Ontario beat the Oh Canada Rink (Dave Beaudoin, Steven Rawluk, Daryl Ann Rawluk, Laura Beaudoin, and Devon Beaudoin) from the Ste. Anne Curling Club in Ste.  Anne, Manitoba.  First event semi-finalists included the Southwesterns Rink (Dan White, Dave Huyett, Rich Graulich, and Ken Herstowski) and BTO (John Taylor, Tracey Taylor, Shelly Buse, and Leo Buse) both of the Kansas City Curling Club.

In the Second Event Final, the Jolly Green Giants Rink (Jason Jorski, Trae Schwabe, Andrew Stephens, Dave Huston, and sub Keith Briscoe) from the Oklahoma City and Kansas City Curling Clubs beat the Texas Toast Rink (Jason Hotra, David Chang, Justin Donaldson, and Carolyn Steward) of the Dallas/Fort Worth Curling Club.

In the Third Event Final, Kansas City’s own Wolfe Pack (Ian Wolfe, Eric Wolfe, Dan Searles, and Lucie Vaillancourt) were triumphant against the Wichita House Crashers Rink (Christopher Bohn-Gettler, Andrew Biemers, John Baalman, and Keith Means).  In the Fourth Event Final, the House Wreckers Rink (Anne Barthel, Sarah Wruck, Mary Miller, and Heidi Matthews) out lasted the Snow Cones Rink (Patrick Weitekamp, Lori Behnke, Chris Hutchings, and Matt Mayfield).  Both rinks are from the Kansas City Curling Club.

Participants also enjoyed great hospitality provided by Kansas City Curling Club Members including a delicious barbecue dinner prepared by Elmer Arians, Colin Arians, and Dave Huston.  The Bonspiel also included an Opening Ceremony led by pipers Jason and Steven Hough and a draw to the button contest won by Mary Miller of the Kansas City Curling Club.

The club would like to thank all of the club members who donated their time, raffle prizes, food, and other items and the ice staff at Pepsi Ice Midwest who helped to make the event a great success. 

Bonspiel/Championship Annoucements

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2010 Fall League Champion
Saturday 7:30pm-9:00pm
?????(S), ?????(V),
?????(2), ?????(L)
2010 Fall League Champion
Sunday 12:30pm-2:00pm
?????(S), ?????(V),
?????(2), ?????(L)


For_JayKansas City Explorers, Jay and Brian record their experience with the Kansas City Curling Club.

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6. Every Player is Miked Up

“Mics make curling,” Saville says. “No other sport uses live microphones on every player.”...

“Throwing a rock only takes 20 seconds,” Saville explains, “but you might have five minutes of discussions between that. You have to find a non-linear way to tell the story on the ice. I think the player microphones really drive your telling of the story.”

4. Every Specialty Camera an Executive Producer Could Want

In addition to the 20 standard cameras, Saville’s team has five specialty cameras to work with: a jib; a Polecam pole camera; a POV for high, wide shots; a Hi-Motion super slo mo; and a roving ENG camera that gives color from the stands.

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vaughBeth Vaughn sought answers Friday at the Pepsi Ice Midwest Center in Overland Park. She traded in her curling iron for a little curling herself.


KC Curling Club Gives Us an Inside Look

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The General Public & Members of the Curling Club are welcome to drop and watch the Olympic Curling Action. Ask Question, discuss strategy, root your team and country on.  Next weeks games will also be posted here.


Teams: Place: Location:
Feb. 22


Canada vs. Sweden

Johnny's Tavern

11316 West 135th Street, OPKS

Feb. 23


Canada vs. China

Barley Brewhaus

11924 West 119th St. OPKS


Feb. 24


Tie Breaker round



7201 West 79th Street, OPKS

Feb. 25


Semi Finals 

The Well

7421 Broadway, KCMO

Feb. 26


Medal Event

Granite City

15085 West 119th Street

Olathe, KS

Feb. 27
Happy Hours
Feb. 28
Happy Hours ???

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Matt Tait, Lawrence Journal World talks to Ian Wolfe, Kansas City Curling Club

“It’s kind of like the every-day person’s sport,” Wolfe said. “The unique part is that some of the best curlers in the world still have full-time jobs. So it’s not that they’re dedicated to curling from the time they’re 5 years old and never stop. You can curl at any age. You don’t necessarily peak when you’re 22 years old. Some of the best curlers in the world are actually in their 50s.”


Watch Video and Read about the KC Curling Club

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kansas_city_star_logoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Star reporter ,  writes about his experience in learning to curl.


"And then, I arrived. In my first attempt to learn the trademark curling slide necessary to propel the 40-pound icy rock toward the round target (called the house), I failed to execute the preferred form. Sprawled cartoonishly on the ground, arms extended and legs splayed, I looked more like a perp who’d been hit by a Taser. "


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